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What is the TruDifference?

We talk about our TruDifference a lot. You may be wondering what, exactly, does that mean?

Well, it’s not just “business as usual” when you visit one of our branches or talk to us on the phone. It’s more than that—it’s personal. We want you to feel welcome and confident. We want you to know in no uncertain terms that we can make a difference in your life by helping you achieve your financial goals.



We’re Different

The TruDifference is what makes TruWest® different from other financial institutions. Explore the many ways we embody the TruDifference everyday:

  • It’s our pledge to provide great rates, great products and great service
  • It’s our promise to cultivate a culture of caring for our members, employees and community
  • It’s woven into the fabric of everything we do and every decision we make
  • It’s seen every day in our volunteer work, our contributions back to the community and our efforts to ensure member and employee satisfaction


TruWest is Committed to Serving You

We care about you, your family, your finances and your future. Everything we do is to make sure you experience the TruDifference. That’s why we deliver financial services in a professional and caring manner. After all, everyone we serve is more than just a member: they are part-owners in TruWest who have a say in how we manage our business.

Our Mission

TruWest Credit Union is a cooperative providing financial solutions so members can achieve their goals.

Our Vision

People so trust and value our financial solutions and level of service that they select TruWest Credit Union as their primary financial institution.



Our Values

  • The Credit Union understands member needs and expectations and strives to exceed them. This includes consistently delivering services in a professional and caring manner, worthy of member-owners.
  • The Credit Union is a trustworthy and reliable source for finding and providing the right solution to meet members’ needs, not what would be best for the Credit Union to sell.
  • The Credit Union is responsive and works at a future-focused level that consistently aims to exceed members’ expectations for superior service and allows for flexibility to tailor services to individuals’ needs.
  • The Credit Union is innovative and driven to continue to find simpler, smarter and more convenient and accessible ways to help people bank. It is motivated to always be a step ahead of other financial institutions.


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